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Video arcade game rentals from Mira Amusement may just be the answer to all your event planning and entertainment needs! Impress your friends or clients, or thank your colleagues by offering them an unforgettable game experience!

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Star Wars Racer Arcade

Price $0.00
Star Wars Racer Arcade / Video Arcade Games

Aliens Extermination

Price $0.00
Aliens Extermination / Video Arcade Games

Pac-Man Battle Royale DX

Price $0.00
Pac-Man Battle Royale DX / Video Arcade Games

SportStation Blitz 2000 Gold NBA Showtime

Price $0.00
SportStation Blitz 2000 Gold NBA Showtime / Video Arcade Games

Ms. Pac-Man Galaga

Price $0.00
Ms. Pac-Man Galaga / Video Arcade Games

Megatouch E.V.O (Countertop)

Price $0.00
Megatouch E.V.O (Countertop) / Video Arcade Games

Golden Tee Fore (Golf)

Price $0.00
Golden Tee Fore (Golf) / Video Arcade Games

Classic Arcade Games (Cocktail Table)

Price $0.00
Classic Arcade Games (Cocktail Table) / Video Arcade Games

Classic Arcade 60-in-1 Games (Cabinet)

Price $0.00
Classic Arcade 60-in-1 Games (Cabinet) / Video Arcade Games

Big Buck Hunter Pro

Price $0.00
Big Buck Hunter Pro / Video Arcade Games

Arcade Legends

Price $0.00
Arcade Legends / Video Arcade Games

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